The Flip Story


Do you believe in philosophy? Meet a young philosopher — a twenty times wiser than his behavior – a wiser Raahithya.

A minute, (in a sense, minimal), personality recalled by every element known: may I say he has a complete grip on his thinking? He thinks of his behavior, and he is pure and transparent. Few knew about him.

He believed in many concepts which were cleared many days ahead. He suffered, missed, killed and left. He sustained a harsh illness. He lost his attempt. He killed the over kind person within himself and went his life because of pain that made him restless every day.

Who was that person? Beyond the dark trap of life, there was a sense of stability that I wondered about. I experienced much restlessness, discovered an experimental animation, executed my plans and worked hard.

I was aimless between the chasing and then stopped chasing. I waited for a long time to continue and finally escaped from the dark ailing that weighed me down.

The next day was an absolute start! I had fallen, I was weakened. I had to wait. I was aimless, but I raised my attempts to point circumstances towards a sense of stability. I welcomed the soft-hearted. I led a soft, strategic and stable life. I escaped. I got firm and started to complete things that I had once left incomplete, and the next experience was the completion of my dream that valued a statement I was born to make dreams real, imaginational transitions in reality and living with humanity in effect. I was stuck with an excellent adhesive time which somebody had implanted as a desire.

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